CROSSFORGOD online store shopping instructions

Dear customer, hello:
Thank you for your support and love for CROSSFORGOD. First of all, please read the following shopping instructions for shopping in the CROSSFORGOD online store. I hope you can buy products with peace of mind and have a better taste of life after understanding.

@emergency announcement@
Due to the soaring and fluctuating international oil prices, the international shipping fee will vary according to the price of the current month
Please follow the current month's price for international shipping, sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Product purchase related

  • When shopping at the CROSSFORGOD online store, you can choose to register as a member, and all future purchases will be made with the same member account. Become a brand member to get the latest brand information and the latest product information.
    Non-member shopping, fill in the payment information to complete the shopping process.

  • Online store shopping process:
    Online store shopping process
  • When shopping in an online store, after selecting a payment method, the payment must be completed within 3 days. If the payment is not completed within the time limit, the order will be cancelled.

  • Commodity delivery working hours:
    ※ This store sends out the goods by post office, and the delivery time of the goods is 3-7 working days. The delivery time starts from the time when the payment is completed for each order. Due to the limited number of goods, it takes time to do scheduling work, please forgive me.
    ※ If you have special needs, please note when placing an order to facilitate shipment operations.

  • Product delivery freight:
    ※Taiwan area: Each order is 100 yuan.
    Commodities are mainly delivered by post offices. For details, please refer to the description of "Commodity Delivery Scope".
    ※ Overseas regions: For foreign regions, we provide 3 delivery methods to choose from
    1. SF EXPRESS SF Express (exported from Taiwan to local express delivery)
  • 2. International Express EMS International Express
    3. DHL
    ※Due to the fluctuation of international oil prices, the freight will be based on the announcement of the month
  • Product delivery range:
    ※ All counties and cities in Taiwan, parts of Penghu, parts of Kinmen (Great Kinmen and Little Kinmen), Xiaoliuqiu, all areas of Matsu, and Green Island. (Please follow the postal announcement for the delivery area)
    ※ Overseas delivery scope: mainly in accordance with the scope announced on the SF EXPRESS website

  • payment method:
    ※ This store provides payment methods for PayPel, credit card, virtual account ATM .
    ※ Consumers who choose to use the "virtual account ATM" must complete the transfer and payment within 3 days. If the payment is over 3 days, the virtual account will not be available and the order will be cancelled. Please pay more attention.
    ※Please note: The virtual account is automatically given by the system after completing the order. Please follow the steps to complete the payment after completing the order

  • Out-of-stock status notes:
    ※ This store is spot + reservation , because each product is not mass-produced, and the quantity is limited, there may be a shortage of goods. We will be in touch.

    ※ The establishment time of each order in this online store is different, and it will be based on the order of the payment completion time. There may be products out of stock, and we will notify you as soon as possible. Please forgive me.

    ※ Since the entire Taiwan inventory is shared, the time of sale is not fixed, and the inventory of the online store cannot be updated immediately, so there may be out-of-stock situations, please forgive me!

    If you want to know the inventory status of the physical store, please contact the store staff directly.

    Due to the different color settings of the computer screen, there may be a slight color difference between the displayed product color and the actual color. Please forgive me.

 Relevant measures for return and exchange

When shopping in this online store, if the product needs to be returned or exchanged due to product defects, non-conformity with requirements, etc., please confirm that the product is unused within 7 days after receiving the product: it is brand new.
(It is necessary to confirm that the product guarantee card, gifts, inner and outer packaging and other accessories are all kept intact), and apply for services in the following ways.
※Please note - this service is not available for purchases of special offers. If you want to buy special offers, you only accept exchanges and do not accept returns. Please measure the size before buying!

Please click " Contact Us " and leave a message to us within 7 days after receiving the product, provide the following information, and we will contact you after receiving the application. Applications that exceed 7 days cannot be accepted. It is recommended that you check and confirm immediately after receiving the product. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Returns must provide information:
  • order number
  • Name
  • contact number
  • Order product name, product number, color style, quantity
  • Payment method when ordering