2015年3月13日Cross For God於四四南村舉辦了第一場正式對外發表的時裝秀
13/03/2015 CrossForGod hold a fashion show in FourFourSouthViillage,Taipei

CrossForGod was invited to participate in Shang-Hai Fashion Week


The four major fashion exhibitions in Asia have attracted purchases and cooperation units from many countries. We were the only men's clothing brand in Taiwan that passed the audit to participate in the international Tokyo static exhibition and attracted much attention.

Also favored by the disciples of Verace Versace, he is also the designer of the Italian high-end women's clothing brand, and the designer of the men's clothing brand, and the producer of the supermodel life and death fight. He bought our designs at a high price and went back to Italy!

2017受日本 JTB 集團的邀請,參加 SOLEIL TOKYO 與日本100家新銳設計師品牌和國際共19家來自各國新銳設計師品牌在東京涉谷舉辦文化交流展,台灣是第一次受到邀請
In 2017, invited by the Japanese JTB Group to participate in SOLEIL TOKYO, 100 new designer brands from Japan and 19 international new designer brands from all over the world, held a cultural exchange exhibition in Shibuya, Tokyo. This is the first time that Taiwan has been invited.

CROSS FOR GOD2019/9/7參加主辦單位Art Hearts Fashion所舉辦的NEW YORK Fashion show,場地在紐約,曼哈頓的一所教堂Angel Orensanz基金會中心舉辦,它是在當地頗具知名度的藝術殿堂,常常不時的展出來自世界各地藝術家與時尚相關的作品,成為紐約市重要的展場之一。
CROSS FOR GOD 2019/9/7 participated in the NEW YORK Fashion show organized by the organizer Art Hearts Fashion. The venue was held at the Angel Orensanz Foundation Center, a church in New York and Manhattan. It is a well-known art temple in the local area, often from time to time. The exhibition of fashion-related works by artists from all over the world has become one of the important exhibition venues in New York City.

DJ Question Mark為我們帶來現場播放音樂,這是一場很酷的秀!

We exhibited 50 sets of costumes and invited the champions from the Taiwan region of the World DJ Championship who lived in London for a long time.
DJ Question Mark brings us live music, it’s a cool show!

2019/10/19再次受主辦單位Art Hearts Fashion邀請去洛杉磯展秀這次展出30套服装得到更多好萊塢名人的迴響。
On 2019/10/19, I was once again invited by the organizer Art Hearts Fashion to go to the Los Angeles show. This time, 30 sets of costumes were exhibited and received more responses from Hollywood celebrities.